MAY 29

Processional “Pomp and Circumstance”… Sir Edward Elgar

Welcome Introduction… Josh Butterfield, Principal

Pledge of Allegiance… ASB President, Catherine Murphy

“Star Spangled Banner”… Arranged by Mark Purcell
Produced by Matthew Aubel

Principal’s Welcome… Josh Butterfield, Principal
ASB President Address Catherine Murphy


“Seasons of Love”… Arranged by Mark Aubel
Produced by Matthew Aubel

Presentation of Salutatorian… Kathy Zhong, Josh Butterfield, Principal

Presentation of Valedictorian… Ning Wang, Josh Butterfield, Principal

Presentation of the Eric Thiel Senior of the Year Award… Terry Conde, Vice Principal

Presentation of the Juanita Haugen Civic Engagement and Service Learning Award… Junior Yee, Vice Principal

Presentation of the Dave Yandell Service Award… Eduardo Guerena, Vice Principal

Presentation of the Helen Vardon Award Award… Michael Jaramillo, Coordinator OF Operations

Presentation of the Jose Maria Amador Awards… Jamie Mather, Vice Principal


“Nostalgic”… Music and Production by Lauryn Marie Hedges

Commencement Speaker Corey Sabhlok

Congratulatory Message… Members of the Board Of Trustees, Pleasanton Unified School District

Presentation of the Class of 2020… Josh Butterfield, Principal

Acceptance of the Class of 2020… David Haglund, Superintendent

Announcement of graduates… Staff, Amador Valley High

Switching of Tassels – Senior Class Officers, Jazmine Ramanathan, Alexandra Jagoe, Isabella Mayo, Hannah Hart

Closing… Josh Butterfield, Principal

“Here Comes the Sun”  The Beatles

MAY 24

Senior Class Officers Welcome
Hannah Hart – Senior Class Treasurer
Bella Mayo – Senior Class Secretary
Jazmine Ramanathan – Senior Class President
Alex Jagoe – Senior Class Vice President

Pranav Datta – Class of 2020 Amador Legend

Father Mark Wiesner – Pastor, Catholic Community of Pleasanton

Original Song – By: Lauryn Marie, Class of 2020

Rabbi Raleigh Resnick – Chabad of the Tri-Valley

Sarah Banholzer – Class of 2020 Amador Valley High School

Kevin Barnett – High School Pastor, Valley Community Church

Brian Black – Pleasanton Stake President of Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints

Amador Valley High School Senior Slideshow

 Manohar Mahavadi – EC Chair for Youth & Education, Hindu Community Cultural Center

Jill Battilega – Teacher Amador Valley High School

Performance by:  Members of the Amador Valley High School Choir, Symphony Orchestra, and Jazz “A”